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Features to Look for when Buying an Air Compressor

Portable air compressors have many uses. Driving pneumatic tools and inflating objects such as vehicle tires, air bags, etc, are some of the uses of portable air compressors. Portable air compressors can be used in both industrial and domestic sectors.

You need to know the requirements for air compressor use. If you need a compressors to inflate your tires, air bags, and portable swimming pools, then you simply need a low powered air compressor. A heavier and more powerful portable air compressor will be effective for heavy uses and for running pneumatic tools.

If you are planning to buy a portable air compressor, consider the features below to help you select the right one for your needs.
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You need a source of power for the air compressor to be able to run. The gas-powered, diesel-powered, and electric-powered motors are the types of motors common to portable air compressors. Go for the motor type that suits you well, depending on your location of work and availability of the fuel. If you are using the portable air compressor inside your home, then you can easily use an electric-powered motor for your air compressor. For air compressors to be used in open areas, the electric-powered motors would not be practical to use for lack of an electric source. A diesel-powered or gas-powered motor is ideal for use in open areas. You can choose depending on the fuel cost in your area. It is best to choose the cheapest type of fuel to power your air compressor.
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Power is the most important feature of an air compressor. Make sure that you air compressor can handle the amount of work you require it to do so that it will not run short of air before it is able to finish the job. If you want an efficient air compressor, then it needs power proportionate to the amount of work it has to do. If you are going to use it for heavy tasks, then you need to use the really powerful compressors. You need to choose your machine in accordance with your workload. Determining the work load you will be giving the compressor should be the first thing to do. If you will use the compressor for your household or for small pneumatic machines, you need a low powered compressor because they can easily handle the task and it can also save you on fuel. For commercial or industrial purposes, powerful air compressor models are ideal because they can handle heavy workloads. Using the wrong compressor on the job can lead to accidents, machine failure, and eventually, to losses.

It is important to make an assessment of your needs and the type of motor and power that the task needs before going out to buy your portable air compressor. You can seek expert advice before actually buying your portable air compressor. If your don’t purchase the right compressor, you can suffer losses. Meeting your compressor requirements is important when buying one.